A project space in bridgeport, a neighborhood of Chicago.

Randall Garrett (Dallas TX.): Bloom (in the Getto)

Aug. 11( opening reception)-26, 2007
6-10 pm

As a child growing up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas I was interested in exploring nature through bluff climbing, artifacts of amateur archeaology and the mythology of Indaian lore. These early fascinations continue to be the foundation for my art making today.

The symbolic exploration of the basic cycles of birth, life, and death, and how they are expressed through various cultural signifiers constitute the subject of my work. Through various means, including perfromance, installation, video and digital photography, I explore these themes, focusing on the human body as expressive vehicle.

Making use of reconstituting iconographies from a variety of historical cultures, including Native American, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Paleolithic and Neolithic, I examine these archetypal thematic elements through the filter of my own subjective experience.

Through the inhabitation of various personas, including RXS ( a disco-era Dioysian character), the Prisoner ( a primal earth based character), and the Worker ( a simple laborer who sets in motion the deepley significant processes of creation/destruction), I perfrom, create two- and three - dimensional installations and perfromance artifacts, and extend them into digitally- enhanced photographic works.