A project space in bridgeport, a neighborhood of Chicago.

Soft High Way

Polly Perez

Polly will reperesent Mutherland at this years Version Fest's NFO EXPO
Sat.& Sun.
April 19 & 20,2008

Viaduct Theatre
311 N Western

Hybrid creatures are reincarnated from discarded print media,clothing, and fabric reconfiguredand sewning to their next existance. Humans participate in consumerism we create another cycle of life parallel to what remains....inanimate objects. We consumed and become animated by our own hand.

C'mon Lil Sister

Vicki Fowler

Mon. April 21, 2008
7pm @ Mutherland

take it out
taking it all out
fist to fist
fist full of it all
To the Moon!
to create what has been a hole.

From the darkest part of a little girl's closet to the dream of the warmest lady's coat ever comes Fowler's performance and Installation.